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Scandinavian style sod roof

A sod roof, or turf roof, is a traditional Scandinavian type of green roof covered with sod.
An interesting and ecological alternative. Roof greenery almost doubles the service life of the roofing: the substrate and plants protect against ultraviolet rays, temperature fluctuations, serve as a noise barrier,roof plants and substrate absorb some of the rainfall.

Roof maintenance

From time to time, the reed roof needs to be cleaned, so the color is renewed, the whole roof is technically inspected, and holes made by animals and birds are repaired. It can also be sprayed to prevent greenery.

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The exceptional-looking roof is ecological and durable. Reed roofs are extremely thick – reed cover is up to 30 centimeters. As a result, this roof covering has excellent insulating properties in terms of heat and sound. Under a roof will be warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to small holes in the middle of the reeds, not only the thermal insulation but also the acoustic properties are improved – much less ambient noise is emitted inside the building.

Commom construction works

Also we working with construction of Log house,
we can build a stairs or terrace, stone floors, change roof construction, inside/outside works


We are building original gazebos

Siberian larch tiles roof

Good cleavability, mature age of wood are the main criterions for sort selection of wood.The priduction process itself runs in accordance with old traditions of tile manufacturing – the main work is done by hands and the machanic equioment is used as a supporting tool.The intertal structure of larch woods is not damaged during production, thats why takes long-lived and after drying they become resistant to water and pervious to air.

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